Hampton Inn Bellevue Recent Photo Shoot

Checkout the photo’s from the most recent hotel photo shoot at the Hampton Inn Bellevue located in Nashville, TN.

Are you a Musician needing Photo's Done?

Here at Jerry Colbert Photography we do photo’s for a variety of genres including musician photography. If you are in a band or are a singer needing photo’s done, contact us today for a quote. Being a musician for many years, I love coming up with new ideas to help the artist realize their vision.

Business Portraits

Are you looking for professional business portraits? In today’s busy world, if you are a professional, you need a business portrait. One that you can use on social media for your presence. This is useful on sites like LinkedIn. By having your portrait done by a professional it helps with your overall image as a professional.

So check out my great discounts on professional business portraits. Call me today for a personalized quote.

The Importance of Hotel Photography

So what is the importance of photographing your hotel? In this day and age, your customers are shopping online for places to stay. So photography for your hotel creates a better shopping experience for your customers. This gives your customers a better understanding of what you have to offer. After all a picture is worth a thousand words.

It is very important to have quality photo’s of your hotel in order to compete today online. Long gone are the days of just taking any type of picture of your hotel and posting online. Photo’s today must be well lit, white balanced properly, staged and framed correctly to help your property stand out from the competition.

So if you are looking for a photographer for your hotel, to capture the magic of your hotel, then contact me today for a customized quote.

Jerry Colbert Photography has moved back to the Nashville Area

Jerry Colbert Photography has relocated back to Dickson, TN from Central Florida. We will be staying for awhile in Dickson, TN and will be providing our excellent service to customers located in the Nashville, TN area.

If you are in need of photography for Weddings, Portraits, Commercial or Hotel Photography please contact me.

Crystal Coast Bridal Fair

Come checkout the Crystal Coast Bridal Fair here in Morehead City, NC on 01/13/2018.  We will be there representing our photography company along with our recommended hotel the Hampton Inn Morehead City.

Stop by and see what we have to offer for your Wedding Photography.


434 Summit Place, Nashville, TN Condo Photo Shoot

Photographed a condo, check out the photo's below :)


Hampton Inn & Suites Mt Juliet | Hotel Photography

Just finished photographing the Hampton Inn & Suites in Mt Juliet, TN.  Checkout some of the photo's from the commercial photo shoot below.

Redesign of my Jerry Colbert Photography Website

Due to certain restrictions on client computers, original website was having difficulty displaying on some client computers.  In order to solve this issue, I re-create the website to be more friendly to low-bandwidth customers while still catering to the higher-bandwidth customers.

I hope you like the new re-designed website.

My new site

New website http://www.JerryColbertHospitality.com focuses on Hotel, Real Estate and Architectural Photography.  Check it out today :)

New Mission & Vision Statements

So I have created my new Mission Statement and Vision Statement.  So here we go :)

Mission Statement:

Showcasing my clients in the best possible light.


Vision Statement:

To affect the lives of travelers for years to come through imagination and wonder.

Are you a Musician needing a Photographer?

Being a musician myself, I enjoy taking photo's of musicians and bands.  So if you are a musician or band needing photo's taken, contact me today 615.809.6185

Looking for Hotel Photography?

If you are looking for a photographer to take your hotel photography, checkout this site and contact me at your earliest convenience to take advantage of discounts.

I am a Real Estate, Hotel and Architectural photographer who is covering Nashville and the surrounding areas.  Call me today 615.809.6185

Hotel Photography

So here lately I have been doing a lot of Hotel and Motel Photography.  Which makes sense since I have been in the hotel industry for about 20 years.  So now that I have decided on my course, I am really enjoying taking photo's of different hotels and seeing the different looks of each hotel.  Checkout my work today by looking at my portfolio.

Real Estate, Hotel and Architectural Photography

Currently I am in the process of rebranding myself.  Though I love taking photo's of all kinds of things (Landscapes, Weddings, Portraits, etc.), I have found that I am getting more and more into enjoying taking Real Estate and Hotel photography.  Though I have not gotten very far in this, I do tend to enjoy it more than I thought I would.  So given the fact that I am looking to focus more on one type of photography I have decided this is my course.

I have over the past couple years focused on taking different genres of photography to try an pinpoint which one I enjoy the most.  Though I have often loved taking portraits and conceptual photography, Real Estate and Hotel Photography has seemed to grow on me.

So as the days and weeks progress I am rebranding myself from Lakeside Pictures to Jerry Colbert Photography.  Though I more than likely will keep my existing photo's on the website, the site will start transforming itself into a more streamed lined website dedicated to Real Estate, Hotel and Architectural Photography.

Stay tuned...